Integrated Maintenance-Quality policy considering variable production cost


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Gouiaa Mtibaa, A., Dellagi, S., Chelbi, A. et Trabelsi, W. (2023) Integrated Maintenance-Quality policy considering variable production cost. Dans CIGI Qualita MOSIM 2023, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada DOI 10.60662/1s36-bf71.

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This paper deals with an integrated maintenance-quality strategy in response to production costs that rise as the production system state degrades and affects the quality of the output products. We consider a single machine with an increasing failure rate producing high quality items termed first-rate products, substandard quality items termed second-rate products, and non-conforming items. Rework activities are possible for second-rate and non-conforming products to improve their quality and sell them at an ppropriate price. A preventive maintenance (PM) strategy with minimal repair at failure is proposed. It involves performing imperfect PM actions after a certain number of produced batches and then, as the cost and duration of these actions increase with time, a perfect maintenance action (overhaul) is undertaken after a certain number of imperfect PM actions. An analytical model is developed in order to determine both: the optimal number of batches produced before scheduling each imperfect PM, and the number of imperfect PM actions to be undertaken before performing an overhaul. These optimal values maximize the total expected profit, taking into account revenues as well as costs related to production, maintenance and reworking. Numerical examples are presented in order to illustrate the use of the developed model for deriving the optimal integrated strategy for any instance of the problem.

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Mots-clés libres: Maintenance strategies Imperfect preventive maintenance Reworking Quality Degradation Variable production cost.
Date de dépôt: 17 août 2023 12:32
Dernière modification: 11 sept. 2023 20:04

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